Harry R. Luzetsky

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Harry R. Luzetsky, a subject matter expert in composites and survivability at SURVICE Engineering's Aberdeen Research Operation – Research and Analysis Group, has over 40 years of experience with vertical lift aircraft. Most of his work has been with composite materials and survivability technology enhancements to improve platform performance. He also supports the U.S. Army Evaluation Center in the survivability assessment of military platforms and has been involved in the successful development of a ballistic tolerant composite drive shaft, armored actuators, and a thermoplastic tailcone. He has recently engaged in developing a multifunctional composite material with structural and integrated electromagnetic shielding capabilities; this material has been demonstrated on an electronics enclosure and is expanding to military platform structures. He was previously employed at the Boeing Company in Ridley Park, PA. Mr. Luzetsky holds two autonomous self-sealing fuel bladder patents.

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