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The Fight Against Unmanned Aircraft Intrusions

One of the best examples of how rapidly advancing technologies can change security requirements is the rise of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Relatively unknown to all but a few in the military as recently as 1990, today they are central to militaries throughout the world; the general public can even buy them in grocery stores.

Small is Beautiful: Nano Drone Tech is Advancing

The technology behind unmanned air systems (UAS) has taken off in recent years and as a result UAS can fly faster and further than ever before – performing ever more sophisticated surveillance operations. Developments in size, weight and power (SWaP) optimized technologies have driven these improvements, allowing smaller man-portable systems more flexible tactical capability, and

New Tablet-Controlled Ruggedized Drones Will Soon Be Operated by Soldiers

AeroVironment has unveiled a new tablet-controlled mini-drone engineered with infrared sensor technology and an ability for soldiers on-the-move to detect nearby threats. The Snipe mini-drone can reach 22mph for a distance of almost a mile, and endure winds up to 20 mph, according to AeroVironment statements. It is a 140-gram autonomous quadcopter. The drone has