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For the Birds: New Prediction Method Sheds Brighter Light on Flight

Resembling a feathered flying ace with his miniature protective goggles and chinstrap, a parrotlet named Obie stood ready to take off. On signal, Obie propelled into the air, flapped through a laser field infused with microparticles and landed on another perch three feet away. The journey only lasted three seconds, but it challenged the accuracy

NASA Autonomous Aircraft Designed for High-Altitude Extended Flight

The autonomous airplane can be folded in a confined volume, transported, and deployed in terrestrial or extraterrestrial venues. NASA Langley Research Center researchers have developed an airplane capable of being stowed in a confined volume and deployed in a high-altitude environment for extended-duration flight operations in a low-density atmosphere. Engineers, scientists, and end users can

Airbus Unveils its Flying Car Designed to take Driving Airborne

Flying cars have been around for ages but have never caught for two main reasons: driving a vehicle with a pair off wings strapped to the roof looks ridiculous (as does the driver); and they need a clear runway to take off. But, what if you needed to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai for