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Can the Intel and Defense Community Conquer Data Overload?

The Department of Defense (DoD) and intelligence community is coming to grips with the realization that it might have too much to make sense of after almost two decades of collecting mass quantities of intelligence data. This realization was one of the catalysts for DoD’s flagship machine-learning effort dubbed Project Maven; with the hours of

The Bunny, the Witch, and the War Room

Among the Stanford Research Institute’s many classified research projects in the early 1970s was a contract supported by the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Technical Service, a division headed by Sidney Gottlieb, perhaps the most notorious scientist ever to work for the spy agency. The secret program was testing different forms of parapsychology, such as

Explaining the ‘Mystery’ of Numbers Stations

There are two kinds of dedicated radio listeners. Most are those who listen regularly to their FM or AM station of choice, or to a station that only broadcasts on the internet. The rest are dedicated to other frequency scales: high frequency (also known as shortwave), followed by very high frequency and, after that, the