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Chem-Bio Threats Still Overrule Army Beards

As many of you have heard, soldiers in today’s Army can wear beards for reasons of religious freedom. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have to keep a razor at the ready if the threat of chemical and biological agents arises. In January, the Army granted brigade level commanders the authority to grant soldiers religious

New Chem-Bio Protective Ensemble in the Works

The office in charge of chemical and biological protection is gearing up to replace the protective ensemble service members wear when weapons of mass destruction are employed. Users want more flexibility to don different layers of protection depending on the circumstances. But to do this, they also need better sensors to tell them what types

Uncle Sam Wants a New Chemical Warfare Suit

The Defense Department wants to develop a new suit to shield troops from chemical and biological warfare agents — and plans to offer cash to those who come up with winning designs. The Pentagon’s Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense is offering a total of $250,000 to finalists — with the winner