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ANTI-RPG Warhead Phases II and III: An Aircraft Protection Solution

This article, which is an update to work previously published in the summer 2018 issue of Aircraft Survivability [1], presents test and analysis results for warheads designed to dismember and/or dud incoming rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) while simultaneously meeting stringent active protection system (APS) collateral damage requirements. As discussed [1], the near-field-velocity liner warhead technologies previously

How to Get Sprayed Metal Coatings to Stick

When spraying metal coatings, melting hurts rather than helps, MIT research reveals. When bonding two pieces of metal, either the metals must melt a bit where they meet or some molten metal must be introduced between the pieces. A solid bond then forms when the metal solidifies again. But researchers at MIT have found that

Army Researchers” Invention Reclaims Unrepairable Parts, Saves Money

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the South Dakota School of Mines through a joint ownership agreement commercialized a system to reclaim unserviceable parts and reduce the amount of maintenance required by military and commercial sectors. VRC Metal Systems, a start-up company from SDSM, manufactures the cold spray system. ARL”s Victor Champagne and Dr. Dennis