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The Future of Military Aviation Isn’t Unmanned — at Least for Now

With a rapidly developing military drone industry growing in prominence the world over, and heavyweight defense contractors like Northrop Grumman devoting a large portion of their overall R&D programs to unmanned aerial vehicles, it’s easy to see that the future of military aviation will be largely unmanned. The benefits of such a transition are extensive,

IBM AI Learns the Art of Debate

How informed is your point-of-view? IBM is augmenting human-decision making through Project Debater research and advances in the ability of artificial intelligent (AI) systems to master natural language, comprehend complex arguments, and model human dilemmas. Today, an artificial intelligence (AI) system engaged in the first ever live, public debates with humans. At an event held

Why Law Enforcement Personnel Shoot to Kill

There are about 1,000 fatal shootings by police officers each year in the United States, according to a Bowling Green State University report from April. Is lethal force always necessary? How do situations escalate so quickly? Why do officers shoot to kill? And how else can police defuse a potentially dangerous situation? Officers are instructed