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This Futuristic Non-Lethal Weapon Will Electrocute Your Enemies

The citizens and police of South Africa have a new option for personal protection – a Turkish company called Albayraklar Group just launched a new handgun-shaped taser called the Wattozz.CEO Sertan Ayçiçek told Hürriyet Daily News that the Wattozz could prevent unnecessary injuries at the hands of police officers, as the weapon is capable of

Ohmcraft Surface Mount Resistors Ensure Safety and Reliability of Conductive Electrical Weapons

For more than 10 years, Ohmcraft has manufactured and supplied the high voltage chip resistors utilized in conductive electrical weapons (CEW). The devices, more commonly known as stun guns, have long been leveraged as a mode of protection for law enforcement, as well as for self-defense by the general public. A stun gun is classified

New Electroshock Weapon is Based on Wireless Tech

A revolutionary wireless electroshock weapon is in the process of issue by the US Patent Office. The device is defined as a non-lethal weapon typically utilized by law enforcement personnel to control noncompliant and aggressive subjects. As designed, the electroshock weapon would fire a wireless direct contact projectile from a launcher to administer the shock