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Military Camouflage Technology: Countering Thermal Imaging

Recent research in U.S. military camouflage technology has been looking at how to avoid detection from high-end thermal imaging – described as an emerging threat to the United States. What are the latest camouflage systems that the United States and Russia are developing and how can they help soldiers to avoid detection? Military camouflage technology

Sorry, Marvel Fans: SOCOM says Real-Life ‘Iron Man’ Suit Remains a Fantasy

Put away your toy arc reactors and turn down that Black Sabbath song. It looks like the military is still a ways off from creating a functional Iron man suit. As far back as 2013, U.S. Special Operations Command began playing up its development of a Marvel-esque super-suit for close-quarters combat. While being more technologically

Scientists Mimic Neural Tissue in Army-Funded Research

“Enabling a breakthrough in robotic augmentation of high-tempo military maneuver and operations requires disrupting the notion of an intelligent system as a rigid multi-body platform optimized for slow, carefully planned movement in uncluttered terrain,” Stanton said. “Fundamental research is needed to transpose smart materials from the current paradigm of fixed properties and mechanics with extrinsic