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Playing Nice? FireEye CEO Says U.S. Malware is More Restrained than Adversaries”

Malware used by the United States in offensive cyber-operations plays “nice” when compared to other nation-state malware, according to FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia. Speaking at the Cyber Threat Intelligence Forum produced by Scoop News Group on Thursday, Mandia said when FireEye analyzes malware from state-backed hackers, the company usually finds elements of public policy baked

North Korean Reaper APT Uses Zero-day Vulnerabilities to Spy on Governments

A hacking group has been utilizing an array of zero-day vulnerabilities to conduct surveillance on behalf of North Korea, researchers have warned. According to cybersecurity firm FireEye, the advanced persistent threat (APT) group, dubbed “Reaper,” uses a range of zero-day vulnerabilities and malware to carry out attacks against victims related to the North Korean government”s