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AI May Read Soldiers” Intents, Anticipate Their Needs

Scientists at the Army Research Lab are studying how brain activity could be harnessed to optimize a performance of a human-machine team. By feeding artificial intelligence systems information about a soldier”s intent, advanced systems “could dynamically respond and adapt to assist the soldier in completing the task,” said Jean Vettel, a senior neuroscientist at ARL”s

Making AI-Based Language Learning Easy as Child”s Play

Although language recognition software in call centers, translation apps and personal assistants has radically improved over the last decade, the machine learning algorithms used to train language recognition systems suffer from a lack of annotated training data, which limits the technology”s accuracy and applicability. The technology is also “brittle,” meaning it often has no way

How”s My Driving? DARPA Looks to Self-Aware Autonomous Systems

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA) wants autonomous systems to be able to evaluate how well they”re doing a specific task and explain that to their human partners. In a broad agency announcement issued Feb. 19, outlined the Competency-Aware Machine Learning (CAML) program, which aims to transform autonomous systems from tools into trusted