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NASA Proposal Call – NASA Calls for Proposals to Stimulate Sustainable Demand for Low-Earth Orbit Services

NASA and its international partners opened the door for research in orbit more than 20 years ago by launching the first pieces of the International Space Station, and NASA wants to work with U.S. industry to ensure that a robust, sustainable orbital economy will endure. The space station is a one-of-a-kind orbiting laboratory. For more

NASA’s Floating Robot ‘Bee’ Is Alive and Well Aboard the ISS

NASA is betting big on the future of space robots. As automated gadgets become more and more advances, scientists are starting to imagine how robots could not only aid space travelers but perhaps even shoulder some of the load when it comes to various duties. To explore those possibilities, NASA sent a trio of Astrobee

NASA and TTH Use Carbon 3-D Printing to Create Seeker Spacecraft Inspection Robots

The Technology House (TTH), a product development service provider, has used Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) 3-D printing technology from Silicon-valley based Carbonto to help produce autonomous robotic systems as part of the SEEKER project for NASA. Costing $3 million, the SEEKER project from NASA comprises of two free-flying autonomous robots, Seeker and Kenobi, designed to