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Middle East UCAV Capabilities Building Up

Since the Obama administration’s ban on the sale of US-manufactured unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) to Middle East countries, China has focused on filling the gap in this important market. Not only has it sold highly capable UCAVs to Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, now it is opening a UCAV production facility

Stealth Killer? Russia”s Sixth-Generation Fighter Might Have a “Radio-Photonic Radar”

Potentially, such a radar system could allow the Russians to develop a weapons quality track on a stealth aircraft if it proves to be successful. Russia’s future sixth-generation fighter well as its next generation unmanned aircraft could be equipped with what is described as a “radio-photonic radar.” If the Russians succeed in developing such systems,

How 3D Printing and Digital Technologies are Altering the Face of Aircraft

You won’t find the Italian commune of Cameri in many tourist guides. Located on the flat and fertile plains that stretch seemingly forever between Italy’s industrial dynamos of Milan and Turin, tiny Cameri seems a little lost. Like in most Italian towns, a splendid church and bell tower stand in the center, but during a