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Shodan Indicates Hospitals and Universities Have Many Vulnerable IoT Devices

Increasingly well-connected hospitals and doctors’ offices bring vast security challenges. A new report released Thursday shows that providers are struggling to keep up against hackers, according to cybersecurity company Trend Micro. “As hospitals and other healthcare facilities adopt new technology, add new devices, and embrace new partnerships, patients get better and more efficient services —

Scientists Achieve High Power with New Smaller Laser

The first high-powered, randomly polarized laser beam with a ”Q-switched” laser. An international team of scientists has produced the first high-powered, randomly polarized laser beam with a “Q switch” laser, which typically emits pulses of light so brief that they”re measured in nanoseconds. Lasers are a critical part of modern technology—they”re used in everything from

Canadian Military Testing ‘Bionic’ Knee Brace for Troops

The Canadian military has begun testing what a company is calling “the world’s first bionic knee brace” to help troops better absorb the impact from carrying all the gear and equipment on the modern battlefield. The country’s Department of National Defence this week accepted delivery of 60 of the braces, called Upshot and made by