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Optically Tunable Microwave Antennas for 5G Applications

Multiband tunable antennas are a critical part of many communication and radar systems. New research by engineers at the University of Bristol has shown significant advances in antennas by using optically induced plasmas in silicon to tune both radiation patterns and operation frequency. Conventional antenna tuning is performed with diodes or Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) switches.

Guiding Laser Light with Thousands of Tiny Mirrors

An array of thousands of constantly moving hexagonal mirrors, each measuring just 1 millimeter square, could one day enable a host of cutting-edge applications, from self-driving cars and laser-based communication and manufacturing to advanced microscopes and telescopes. The Livermore micromirror array delivers an unprecedented combination of capabilities, including tight control of every mirror’s three degrees

Nanomachines Operate at Human Scale Thanks to 3D Printing

Nanomachines are already useful for delivering medication and serving as computer memories at the nanometer scale. But thanks to advance 3D printing techniques, researchers at Dartmouth College have found a way to make nanomachines useful at the human scale. “Up until now, harnessing the mechanical work of nanomachines has been extremely difficult,” says Chenfeng Ke,