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Making AI-Based Language Learning Easy as Child”s Play

Although language recognition software in call centers, translation apps and personal assistants has radically improved over the last decade, the machine learning algorithms used to train language recognition systems suffer from a lack of annotated training data, which limits the technology”s accuracy and applicability. The technology is also “brittle,” meaning it often has no way

IBM AI Learns the Art of Debate

How informed is your point-of-view? IBM is augmenting human-decision making through Project Debater research and advances in the ability of artificial intelligent (AI) systems to master natural language, comprehend complex arguments, and model human dilemmas. Today, an artificial intelligence (AI) system engaged in the first ever live, public debates with humans. At an event held

Augmentics Research Improves Man-Machine Interactivity, Situation Awareness

IHMC researchers Anil Raj and Sergey Drakunov work to improve the interactivity and situation awareness between individuals and the technological systems with which they interact. The methods use integrated multisensory, multimodal and neural interfaces to both help people understand the behavior and state of a device or system and enable automation in technological systems to