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Hydronalix to Develop Gateway Buoy for UUV Control and Communications

U.S. Navy unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) experts needed a special buoy to house and control surveillance UUVs designed to determine the depth and underwater topography of rivers and inland waters. They found their solution from Hydronalix Inc. in Green Valley, Ariz. Officials of the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Lakehurst, N.J., announced plans

Northrop Grumman Tests MS-177 Sensor on Global Hawk

Northrop Grumman last month started flight testing the third in a series of sensor payloads intended to enhance the mission capability of the unmanned RQ-4B Block 30 Global Hawk. The manufacturer expects the U.S. Air Force will make a decision on fielding the new MS-177 multi-spectral long-range imaging sensor on Global Hawk by the end