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Startup Makes Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Breakthroughs in Object Recognition, Imagery Analytics

ZAC – “We are developing a revolutionary technology leap in Artificial Intelligence, analytics, recognition, and search, based on General AI.” The recognition of objects is one of the main goals for computer vision research. 3-D object recognition has many industrial applications and applications in our daily lives. Some of the applications include: the automation on

Brain-Inspired Neuromorphic Cybersecurity System Detects ”Bad Apples” 100X Faster

Cybersecurity is critical—for national security, corporations and private individuals. Sophisticated cybersecurity systems excel at finding “bad apples” in computer networks, but they lack the computing power to identify the threats directly. Instead, they look for general indicators of an attack; call them “apples.” Or the system flags very specific patterns, such as “bad Granny Smith

MIT Wearable AI System Can Detect a Conversation”s Tone

It’s a fact of nature that a single conversation can be interpreted in very different ways. For people with anxiety or conditions such as Asperger’s, this can make social situations extremely stressful. But what if there was a more objective way to measure and understand our interactions? Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence