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Linking Engineering, Art and Science: Origami May Be Key to Complex Air Force Needs

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – Origami, the art of paper folding, has captivated generations of audiences across the globe, as artists craft intricate, intriguing figures and objects by folding just a single sheet of paper. For scientists and engineers at the Air Force Research Laboratory, the prospect of using origami to create complex, multi-functional

NRL Laser-Direct Write Process Enables Printing of Next-Gen Electronics

Printed examples with very high resolutions were on display when SPIE visited the lab late last year. The team has printed freestanding structures, as small as several micrometers wide, as well as stacked layers that are transferred concurrently to a substrate. Although the process is serial in nature, it can be combined with a spatial

Nanowire “Inks” Enable Paper-Based Printable Electronics

By suspending tiny metal nanoparticles in liquids, Duke University scientists are brewing up conductive ink-jet printer “inks” to print inexpensive, customizable circuit patterns on just about any surface. Printed electronics, which are already being used on a wide scale in devices such as the anti-theft radio frequency identification (RFID) tags you might find on the