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Toward the Deployment of Ethical AI

The growing use of artificial intelligence comes with more than just technology challenges. Ethical questions are emerging as government agencies use AI for a range of purposes, from customer service chatbots to mission-critical tasks supporting military forces. This increasing reliance on AI introduces concerns about bias in its foundation, especially related to information on gender,

The American AI Initiative

President Trump has launched the American AI Initiative directing U.S. Government agencies to make investments in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development (R&D) a priority to ensure America maintains a leadership role in the development of AI and supporting technologies. The initiative contains 10 sections covering: Policy and Principles Objectives Roles and Responsibilities Federal Investment

Cities Jump on Dockless Scooter Data for Curbside Insights

A new kind of data-driven public/private partnership is emerging as the number of dockless vehicles in cities grows. Both government entities and “urban mobility solution providers” — think app-based rental scooters from Uber, Lime and Bird — stand to benefit by sharing information such as vehicle use, curb regulations and traffic statistics. Cities regulate curbs,