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Sensors and Sensibility Keep Today’s Jet Planes Working Hard

Jet engines in passenger and freight planes may seem the antithesis of the digital economy. Complex and costly, they are powered by old-fashioned polluting fuels: high-octane hydrocarbons. But aero-engine makers’ emphasis on improving safety and reliability has led them to become the pioneers in the internet of things (IoT). They have connected industrial systems to

Test Site for Autonomous Vehicles Opens

Norway”s Trondheim Fjord will be the world”s first technological playground for pilotless vehicles that move below, on and above the water”s surface. Snake robots, underwater drones, unmanned ships and flying drones are craft you will soon be able to see on Trondheim Fjord, Norway”s third-longest fjord located in the west-central part of the country. The

Autonomous Boats By 2020

My twitter feed was abuzz with news of a Russian spy boat miles off the coast of Connecticut’s US Naval Submarine Base in Groton. This would’ve been a good time to test the Navy’s newest weapon – the Sea Hunter – an autonomous marine defense system (shown below). The concept of an encounter between autonomous