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With Lasers and Hot Nylon, Formlabs just Took 3D Printing to a Whole New Level

In June 2017, Boston-based 3D printing startup Formlabs quietly unveiled a revolutionary new laser sintering printer called the Fuse 1 — and it’s kind of a big deal. Truth be told, you’re probably never going to use it. It’s about the size of a mini-fridge, it’s designed for professionals, and it costs $10,000 dollars. But

Insights Into Additive Manufacturing at Boeing with Leo Christodoulou

The use of 3D printing technology at Boeing could seem futuristic to some, featuring as it does levitating objects and spacecraft. But this is par for the course according to one Boeing director, “I’m not going to stick around for someone’s dream to come true, we just have to do it” says Leo Christodoulou. Christodoulou