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Military Working to Make Its Autonomous Technology Smarter

Keeping soldiers safe continues to be the main reason the military enlists unmanned vehicles into its ranks, especially for resupply missions. The U.S. Army has been tinkering with ground robotics and automated technologies for decades, yet there are still no real systems in the military field that are fully autonomous. Nevertheless, the Army wants to

DARPA”s GXV-T Program Demonstrates Advanced Vehicle Survivability Technologies

The DARPA Tactical Technology Office Ground X-Vehicles Technology (GXV-T) program aims to enhance vehicle survivability without up-armoring the vehicle. Demonstrations show progress on disruptive technologies for traveling quickly over varied terrain and improving situational awareness and ease of operation‚Äč. For the past 100 years of mechanized warfare, protection for ground-based armored fighting vehicles and their

Advancing Self-Driving Car Design, Other Shared Human – and Machine – Controlled Systems

University of Massachusetts Amherst computer science graduate students Kyle Wray and Luis Pineda , with their professor Shlomo Zilberstein, today described a new approach to managing the challenge of transferring control between a human and an autonomous system, in a paper they presented at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in New York City.