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Engineers Program Tiny Robots to Move, Think Like Insects

While engineers have had success building tiny, insect-like robots, programming them to behave autonomously like real insects continues to present technical challenges. A group of Cornell engineers has been experimenting with a new type of programming that mimics the way an insect’s brain works, which could soon have people wondering if that fly on the

An Algorithm for Your Blind Spot

Using smartphone cameras, system for seeing around corners could help with self-driving cars and search-and-rescue. Light lets us see the things that surround us, but what if we could also use it to see things hidden around corners? It sounds like science fiction, but that’s the idea behind a new algorithm out of MIT’s Computer

University of Michigan Professor Doubles 3d Printing Speeds Using Vibration-Mitigating Algorithm

The Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Laboratory at the University of Michigan, has developed a software algorithm called “FBS Vibration Compensation” that effectively doubles 3D printing speeds. Technique could be used to upgrade the printer”s firmware. Consumer 3D printing has done something that few people would have thought possible a few decades ago: brought small-scale,