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U.S. Army Developing Process for Using 3-D Printing at Depots and in the Field

WASHINGTON — “The U.S. Army has an overarching concept for how it wants to use 3-D printing and subtractive manufacturing, but now it must develop a process for using the capabilities across the Service from arsenals, depots, and plants and then down to the tactical level,” said Gen. Gus Perna, the head of the Army

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Tagging Detects Counterfeit Equipment

In order to identify counterfeit equipment and remove them from the supply chain, RDECOM ECBC scientists have developed a method to use DNA tags to identify them. A few years ago, the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee issued a report stating counterfeit components were frequently found in the supply chain, usually electronics. They noted that

America Needs a Secure Supply of Critical Minerals

Critical minerals, including rare earth elements and metals, are the new oil. The modern world has become accustomed to and dependent on technologies that require rare earth parts. Yet for decades, as the U.S. fought and won battles against its dependence on foreign oil, it ceded complete control to China for rare earths and most