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Rutgers Engineers 3D Print Shape-Shifting Smart Gel

3D printing becomes 4D as objects morph over time and temperatures change. Rutgers engineers have invented a “4D printing” method for a smart gel that could lead to the development of “living” structures in human organs and tissues, soft robots and targeted drug delivery. The 4D printing approach involves printing a 3D object with a

Scientists Make Plastic From Sugar and Carbon Dioxide

Some biodegradable plastics could in the future be made using sugar and carbon dioxide, replacing unsustainable plastics made from crude oil, following research by scientists from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) at the University of Bath.

Nanoparticle 3D Printing Mimics Natural Construction

Researchers from Washington State University have successfully 3D printed structures resembling the intricate framework of natural materials. Their process has allowed them to create small structures with impressive strength to weight ratios and control materials on a molecular scale, producing geometries similar to bone and wood. … What makes this research “an important advance in