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Kevlar-Based Artificial Cartilage Mimics the Magic of the Real Thing

The unparalleled liquid strength of cartilage, which is about 80 percent water, withstands some of the toughest forces on our bodies. Synthetic materials couldn”t match it—until “Kevlartilage” was developed by researchers at the University of Michigan and Jiangnan University. “We know that we consist mostly of water—all life does—and yet our bodies have a lot

University of Michigan Professor Doubles 3d Printing Speeds Using Vibration-Mitigating Algorithm

The Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Laboratory at the University of Michigan, has developed a software algorithm called “FBS Vibration Compensation” that effectively doubles 3D printing speeds. Technique could be used to upgrade the printer”s firmware. Consumer 3D printing has done something that few people would have thought possible a few decades ago: brought small-scale,

Researchers Use $5 Speaker to Hack IoT Devices, Smartphones, Automobiles

University of Michigan researchers were able to successfully hack into sensors in smartphones, automobiles, medical devices, and IoT products, the university announced Tuesday. Using only a simple $5 speaker, the researchers were able to outwit accelerometers and gain additional access to the system, a press release said. …Using “precisely tuned acoustic tones,” researchers were able