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Utah State Spider Silk Lab Awarded Navy Grant Aimed at Maritime Defense

Envisioning a device the U.S. Navy is developing with Utah State University synthetic spider silk conjures images you’d expect in a James Bond thriller. Think strong, stretchy fibers wrapping relentlessly around a boat propeller and effectively foiling nefarious efforts by smugglers, pirates or terrorists. That’s what nonlethal Maritime Vessel Stopping Occlusion Technologies or ‘MVSOT,’ the

Marines Size Up Laser Weapons

U.S. Marine Corps operations are demanding. Weapons need to be ruggedized and mobile for quick assaults. And high-energy laser weapons such as those the Navy is developing will be large and draw high levels of power. For the Marines to be able to employ these laser weapons, the technologies must be as efficient and as

Liquid Robotics Debuts Next-Generation Wave Glider

The next-generation Wave Glider — an unmanned surface vehicle that can traverse the surface of the ocean — will be able to collect intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data in rougher waters, for longer periods of time and while carrying more payloads, said a Liquid Robotics executive. Deliveries of the updated system started in October, said