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The Quantum Promise

One of today”s most promising emerging technologies is quantum computing. It’s so new, in fact, most people don”t yet understand how it can improve the government’s efficiency and national security. But it’s showing enough promise that the Trump administration’s latest budget request included funding for quantum computing as it relates to the U.S. exascale computing

Turning to Chemistry for New “Computing” Concepts

DARPA explores approaches to store and process vast amounts of data using encoded molecules. As the complexity and volume of global digital data grows, so too does the need for more capable and compact means of processing and storing data. To address this challenge, DARPA has announced its Molecular Informatics program, which seeks a new

Brain-Inspired Neuromorphic Cybersecurity System Detects ”Bad Apples” 100X Faster

Cybersecurity is critical—for national security, corporations and private individuals. Sophisticated cybersecurity systems excel at finding “bad apples” in computer networks, but they lack the computing power to identify the threats directly. Instead, they look for general indicators of an attack; call them “apples.” Or the system flags very specific patterns, such as “bad Granny Smith