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Warfighters Need Trusted Sensors

More and more warfighters around the globe are starting to carry commercial smartphones. Helping to fuel this widespread adoption are a number of apps for warfighting and individual soldier support, many of which leverage the smartphone’s sensors to provide features ranging from blue force tracking to encrypted calling. But as we’ve learned from the Pentagon’s

Fingerprint and Face Scanners Aren’t as Secure as We Think They Are

Despite what every spy movie in the past 30 years would have you think, fingerprint and face scanners used to unlock your smartphone or other devices aren’t nearly as secure as they’re made out to be. While it’s not great if your password is made public in a data breach, at least you can easily

Virginia Tech Engineers Develop New 3D Printing Method for Piezoelectric Materials

A team of mechanical engineers at Virginia Tech have developed a new process for 3D printing energy harvesting, piezoelectric materials. In an article published this week in the Nature Materials journal, Xiaoyu ‘Rayne’ Zheng, assistant professor of mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering and his team, have found a way to 3D print piezoelectric