Program Manager Medium and Heavy Tactical Vehicles (PM MHTV) Survivability and Vulnerability Engineering


POSTED:  July 1, 2016


In support of PM MHTV’s effort to improve system sustainment and implement upgrades, DSIAC researched, identified, and conducted survivability-related analyses on PM MHTV’s proposed system technology updates and sustainment modifications and provided survivability recommendations for continued Warfighter protection.

DSIAC provided design recommendations and preliminary integration analyses, as well as subject matter expertise for verification events at the component, subsystem, and system levels for the proposed vehicles changes. Following verification event completion, DSIAC authored independent test evaluations and recommendations for government review.

DSIAC also completed independent technical verification of three third party analyses. The analyses were conducted to predict the vehicle mine blast threat response following the integration of upgrades of potential Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) packages and to assess impacts on vehicle and occupant survivability.

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