Department of Defense Survey Policy, Services, and Tools
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Posted on October 14, 2020 | Completed on September 22, 2020 | By: Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC)

What are the DoD-approved survey tools (software and applications) to create, disseminate, and collect survey data?

DSIAC was asked about the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) policy on the use of commercial services and tools related to enterprise feedback management (EFM) for surveys (internal and external data collections) to support evaluating possible courses of action to mitigate impacts due to loss of commercial services and tools for executing future DoD surveys and studies. EFM is a system of processes and software for centrally managing the deployment of surveys, analyzing results, and distributing the results throughout an organization. DSIAC was also asked specifically about Verint Software Inc.’s Enterprise Feedback Management software, if a Terms of Service (TOS) agreement was in place for the product, and if the DoD had existing contracts for its use.

In general, the current policies of the DoD and its major Services do not allow the use of commercial services and/or tools for survey-related purposes, especially if the survey is intended for external use. Survey program offices and other support offices have been established within the major Services and other organizations, such as the Office of Personnel Management, to aid in developing and managing surveys, developing survey cost estimates, developing survey tools, supporting survey distribution and information collection, providing analysis of survey results, and archiving surveys and results. However, many of these are not what would be considered fully integrated services providing the breadth and depth of support found within available, commercial EFM services and tools. To that end, all reviewed policies do provide a process for requesting exceptions or waivers when using these services and tools that would negatively impact mission operations. This process can be justified through risk and cost-benefit analysis.

DoD, Air Force, Army, and Navy policies regarding surveys were summarized, and examples of DoD survey services were provided. Information was also provided on Verint’s EFM software services and tools, lack of a TOS agreement, and recent DoD contracts for Verint’s EFM services and tools.

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