/ (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Medical Department) / (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Medical Department)

Posted on May 15, 2018 | Completed on August 4, 2016 | By: Russell Austin

What existing capabilities exist for cold transport of medical materials? 

DSIAC was asked to identify containers, manufacturing processes, and/or companies that fit a given criteria flexible and transportable cold storage capability to safely store, transport, and secure medical materials such as resuscitative fluids, blood and blood derivative products, medications and related pharmaceuticals within controlled temperature ranges. DSIAC directly contacted multiple subject matter experts (SMEs) in the Department of Defense, performed searches of the DTIC R&E database, and performed searches of open sources to find any relevant information on portable refrigeration that would fit the criteria required by the inquirer. A list of pertinent documents and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) was provided to the requester.

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