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Posted on April 27, 2018 | Completed on April 1, 2018 | By: Scott E. Armistead

Is a target geometry model of a given system available to support a survivability analysis?

DSIAC was asked to locate a specific small twin-turboprop aircraft target geometric model (TGM) to support a survivability analysis, specifically on aircraft combat incident forensics. DSIAC serves as the host for a variety of DoD-related platform survivability and weapons effectiveness models. Our partners routinely perform aircraft survivability (susceptibility and vulnerability) and related weapon’s effectiveness (lethality) modeling, simulation, and analysis. Therefore, DSIAC staff had readily-available contacts to inquire about the given TGM of interest. Additionally, DSIAC produced freely distributed TGMs for survivability modeling, simulation, and analysis training and similar activities. DSIAC staff quickly responded to the inquirer, identified the existence of the given TGM, and facilitated connections for any additional model development work that may be of interest to the inquirer.

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