Are Militaries Too Afraid to Automate?

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July 3, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: July 3 on

Amid the widespread anxiety of future jobs being lost to automation and artificial intelligence, the military sector has been particularly concerned about the impact of technological transformation. 

Despite often engaging with some of the world’s most advanced technology, the idea of replacing man with machine for defence application is often eyed with skepticism by military leaders. Aside to the fear of a backlash over job cuts, this attitude may be driven by a widespread lack of understanding of the accuracy of today”s automation tools. 

Mike Baciewicz, President of Third Evolution, an Arizona-based company dealing in AI integration solutions for the industrial sector, told Defence IQ that exploring business with military and government customers felt like “coming from the future by 20 years”.

“Concerns from military users about proving the efficacy off our AI and automation solutions are things we actually solved 20 years ago in the industrial space,” he said. 

“Meanwhile, the amount of data in the military sector is exponentially growing, but it can’t exponentially grow its human resources, so every day that gap is increasing.”