Weapons Systems

Any integrated system, usually computerized, for the control and operation of weapons; this includes strategic and tactical, offensive, and defensive weapons.

Recent Inquiries

Information on Hypersonic Variants of Maneuverable Reentry Vehicles, Glide Vehicles, and Cruise Missiles

What documentation is available on Joint Tests, Quick Reaction Tests, or Joint Technology Test Demonstrations reports related to U.S. hypersonic glide vehicles, advanced maneuverable reentry vehicles, hypersonic cruise missiles, or Joint Procedures for IWTAA of HGV (J-PITH)?

Techniques to Camouflage and Deceive AI/ML or Autonomous Systems on the Battlefield

What techniques of camouflage and deception are effective against AI/ML or autonomous systems on the battlefield?

Small Particle Effects on Hypersonic and Subsonic Flight Vehicles

What information is available on the effects of certain flight conditions, namely the interactions of small and large particulates in the air, on high-speed (hypersonic/supersonic) vehicles?


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An Overview of the Effectiveness ToolBox (ETB)

ETB is a weapon effectiveness model developed by the Lethality and Weapons Effectiveness Branch (H32) of the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD).  ETB is a time-based, Monte Carlo simulation in which objects move…

Optimizing Logistics Outcomes: The U.S. Navy’s Model-Based Product Support (MBPS)

The Navy’s current logistics data systems that provide configuration management, provisioning, readiness modeling, and technical data management support for ships and weapon systems are outdated. These systems are at the end of their useful life…

Energetic Materials Additive Manufacturing

The benefit of additive manufacturing is being realized in industries where custom parts can be made when traditional manufacturing methods and economics fall short. In recent years, there has been an effort to apply this…


Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF) December Subcommittee Meetings

Subcommittee meetings are spread from Monday through Friday, December 6-10, and Monday through Thursday, December 13-16. Topics include the following: 47th Structures and Mechanical Behavior (SMBS) 43rd Propellant and Explosives Development and Characterization (PEDCS) 34th…

Military Hypersonic Weapon Systems

This virtual Hypersonics conference will cover topics like emerging threats, modernization strategies, and current capabilities in Hypersonics weapons and development. Speakers include: Chuck Leonard – Project Manager of NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate Walter Chai…

Directed Energy Systems Symposium

This symposium features short courses, a half-day plenary session, multiple technical breakout sessions, limited distribution poster sessions, and an evening reception. Because portions of the event will be conducted at the Secret level, all attendance…