The scientific study of energy under transformation in the context of defense systems and military applications.

Recent Inquiries

Combustion Efficiency Data for Liquid-Fueled Ramjets

How can combustion efficiency be estimated for a liquid-fueled ramjet with a given combustor length or bulk flow residence time flying in the Mach 2-3 range?

High-Voltage, Direct-Current Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Who makes hardware and software solutions for high-voltage lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery systems?

U.S. Army Process for Concept and Research Development

What is the U.S. Army's process for research and concept development?


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Emerging Applications for Ionic and Electric Energetic Materials

Ionic energetic materials are relatively new compared to legacy materials such as ammonium perchlorate, double-base HMX, and hydrazine.  Ionic energetic materials are hydroxy ammonium nitrate liquid oxidizer based, which is safer and has better performance…

Additive Manufacturing (AM) of 3-D-Printed Energetic Structures

The performance and thrust profile of a solid rocket motor is highly dependent on the geometry of the propellant grain. Traditional manufacturing techniques limit the geometric complexity and multimaterial tuning that can be realistically achieved…

Purpose-Built UAS Powerplants for Today’s Mission Objectives

Adapting the proper engine to align with the operational objectives of the unmanned aerial system (UAS) airframe is not a singular consideration. Developing powerplants with proven performance and reliability, to include multi-modal interface by design,…


National Space & Missile Materials Symposium

The National Space & Missile Materials Symposium (NSMMS) is jointly hosted with the Commercial and Government Responsive Access to Space Technology Exchange (CRASTE). In their 10th year, both events bring together technologists, users, and decision…

Aviation Forum

The AIAA AVIATION Forum covers the entire integrated spectrum of aviation business, research, development, and technology. Over 1,000 technical presentations on the latest innovations spanning 20+ aviation and aeronautics research topics will be available. Each…

30th ASNT Research Symposium

The 30th edition of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing’s annual Research Symposium will take place in St. Louis, MO, on June 20-23. Some key speakers for this event will include: Dr. Cara Campbell-Leckey of…