Experimental Protective Coatings for CDEW Applications

Supporting high-energy lasers for combat
Photo by Brandon Mejia

Presented by: Nickolaus K. Weise


Researchers have taken many avenues to mitigate how high-energy laser (HEL) weapons affect platform survivability because of size, weight, performance, and cost factors. Protective coatings offer a cheap, lightweight option for counter directed energy weapons (CDEWs) applications. Diffusely reflective coatings can reflect a significant portion of incoming laser energy before it reaches the substrate. The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed two experimental coatings for CDEW applications – Quick Fix White and Cleanly Degrading Polymer (CDP). When applied, Quick Fix White can increase platform survivability by 5x by reflecting incoming HEL energy. CDP is a clear protective coating that protects other protective coatings from scratches, dirt, and debris. These two coatings have been applied to experimental U.S. Naval and Air Force assets and survived test flights at near Mach 1 airspeeds. They are easily applied in the field and can be used to patch or fix damage to existing coatings or reflective surfaces, even in the battlefield environment. Both coatings will be presented and discussed in this webinar.

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