Autonomous Systems

Ground, air, or sea-launched kinetic munitions that utilize onboard sensors, algorithms, and control methods to improve estimates on the target state, understand the implications of the engagement situation/environment, or develop engagement geometries that are otherwise unavailable
to a conventional weapon.

Recent Inquiries

GPS-Guided Rockets or Artillery Rounds

Which GPS-guided rockets or artillery rounds are used for all Service components and with unmanned systems?

Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UASs) at Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 8-9

Can you identify C-UAS systems (TRLs 8-9) for destructing or disabling kinetic attack and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance UASs?

Unmanned Autonomous System (UAS) Technologies Launched From Manned Aircraft

Can you identify UAS technologies that can launch from a manned aircraft, is cost-effective, attritable, or recoverable, and allows quick integration of new technologies?


Emerging Applications of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics in Naval Energy Autonomy

This webinar will present several emerging applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) in naval energy autonomy and digital transformation and summarize relevant research and development efforts carried out by the University of Dayton…

What Makes a Simulation Credible? Cost-Effective Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A) in the Systems Engineering Process: Focusing V&V on A

The U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Warfare Effectiveness Department (WED) VV&A Branch has developed and executed a cost-effective, risk-based VV&A process for modeling and simulation (M&S) used to support the U.S. Department…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Requirement Guidelines and Precepts

The AISWG, established under the Office of the Director of Army Safety, provides a technically qualified advisory authority of stakeholders in AI safety. The objectives and goals of the AISWG are to proactively identify and…


Modern Warfare Week

This event will bring our Special Operations Forces (SOF) community to Fayetteville, NC, from November 13-16 2023. The 2022 rendition of Modern Warfare Week had over 850 attendees–and nearly 40% were military or government representatives….

Military Flight Training USA 2023

By guiding flight training initiatives to leverage new technology and innovative education strategies, Commands can effectively reduce the gaps in skills and capabilities from training aircraft to operational aircraft in the most efficient and cost-effective…

2023 Operational Energy & Logistics Summit

The annual Operational Energy and Logistics Summit (OELS) was formed in 2019 to advance operational energy and logistics capabilities and strengthen partnerships between military, academia, industry, federal agencies, and labs to support the U.S. Department…