Army Leaders Discuss Next-Generation Armored Vehicle

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June 19, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: June 19 on

U.S. Army leaders and industry experts on Wednesday discussed what a next-generation armored vehicle might look like and protection was not a top priority.

It’s been three years since budget caps known as sequestration forced the Army to kill the Ground Combat Vehicle, the service’s effort to replace the Cold-War era Bradley fighting vehicle.

The GCV was slated to weigh at least 60 tons and designed to carry a nine-man infantry squad, the most basic element in Army maneuver.

In a discussion of strategies for modernizing the maneuver force, Maj. Gen. Eric Wesley, commander of the Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, said, “What you are going to see come out of Fort Benning soon is a request for a charter for the Next Generation Combat Vehicle.”