Army Releases Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (c-UAS) Training Document

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August 14, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: August 14 on

The Army has been sounding alarm bells about the threat from small, commercial drones, and the service recently outlined in greater detail exactly what forces might be up against.

The document, “Army Techniques Publication (ATP) 3-01.81 Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System Techniques,” goes into depth regarding both the planning considerations for defending against low, slow, small, or LSS, unmanned air threats during operations as well as how to plan for and incorporate c-UAS tasks into unit training for forces at the brigade level and below.

The document targets training and educating the force while assisting maneuver units in developing c-UAS tactics, techniques and procedures, with the principal audience being maneuver brigade and below commanders and staff, junior leaders, platoons and individual squads who employ combined arms planning techniques within their operations.

View ATP 3-01.81, Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System Techniques at,

The entire publication is available at the Army Publishing Directorate site,, and the Central Army Registry site,