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Cessna-Turned-Drone Foreshadows Future Unmanned Opportunities

A recent successful Air Force Research Laboratory flight demonstration brings the service closer to a future that could rely more heavily on machines than human pilots. For the first time on August 9, AFRL and DZYNE Technologies flew a real plane—a 1968 Cessna 206—equipped with ROBOpilot, a system that can temporarily convert a manned aircraft

Innolith Claims Energy Dense Battery Tech Breakthrough

As more systems look toward better electricity storage, a harmless, durable, and non-flammable battery could be the way forward, Stuart Nathan reports. We are living in an electric age. Our energy carrier of choice is the zipping electron in a conductor. And this trend is increasing. As we develop more and more systems which rely

NEWS FROM SEA-AIR-SPACE: Navy”s New Unmanned Aerial Tanker Approaching First Flight

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — The Navy could soon fly a prototype of an MQ-25 aerial refueling drone for the first time, a service official said May 6. The MQ-25 Stingray is intended to be an aircraft carrier-launched, unmanned tanker that can refuel the Navy”s fighter jets. “That is extending the range of what our current