Award-Winning Alloy Can Improve Engine Performance

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Photograph of an Al-Ce cylinder liner.
Photograph of an Al-Ce cylinder liner (photo source: Ames National Laboratory).

February 5, 2024 | Originally published by Ames National Laboratory on December 8, 2023

A new award-winning alloy can improve the energy efficiency of powertrains, the motors that make things like cars, boats, and other machinery “go.” Scientists developed powertrain parts made from a new type of aluminum-based alloy that performs well in harsh conditions and is lighter weight for gains in energy efficiency.

The alloy was developed under a project led by Ames National Laboratory and included partners Idaho National Laboratory, Loukus Technologies, Inc., and Intelligent Composites LLC. The project focused on developing new aluminum alloys and composites that push performance boundaries in the harsh conditions—high temperature, corrosion, and stress– that these engine systems often operate. The alloy is an aluminum-cerium mixture with three other metals added to make it easy to form into complex shapes that are needed for use in engines.

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