Bolt M-1 Blends Motorcycle and e-Bike

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May 13, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: May 13 on

There’s a disconnect somewhere between bicycles, e-bikes, and their motorized scooter or motorcycle cousins. Sometimes the prices go up on the former, while failing to achieve the practicality and performance of the latter, leading to a monetary conundrum. Which to buy?If only there were a midpoint between these groups—a hybrid—and now, there is. Meet the Bolt M-1, a hybrid motorbike of sorts that blends the best properties of these two different species.Manufactured in Brisbane, California by Bolt, the M-1 features a hybrid drive system with both a set of independent pedals and a brushless DC electric motor. You can pedal to your heart’s content and use the M-1 like a bike, but most will grab at the throttle and rustle-up some electric torque to the rear wheels.