DJI Unleashes its First Workhorse Drone for Industrial Missions

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April 24, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: April 24 on

Drones are increasingly not a consumer gadget. You have your hobbyist cinematographers and your Peter Pan-wannabe fliers, but the Drone Industrial Complex is where the most exciting innovation is happening. Drones are becoming a key tool in everything from firefighting to vineyard-inspecting, giving people a way to see far-flung things they could never reach themselves.

Where there are drones, there’s DJI. At Mobile World Congress, DJI announced its first-ever enterprise drone, the M200. It’s based on the guts and controller of the Inspire 2, and folds up small like the Mavic Pro, but this quadcopter is meant to be carried around in pickup trucks and used for search and rescue missions, cell tower inspections, and everything in between. It’s big and black and slightly insect-y in its appearance, every bit the workhorse machine.