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Room Mapping Technologies and Methodologies

DSIAC was asked for sensor technologies and methodologies for obstacle and room mapping. DSIAC performed open-source and DTIC literature searches for relevant information. The most relevant technologies were various sensor systems integrated on either autonomous…

Swarm Drone Systems for Radiation Detection

  The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) was asked to locate systems for swarm drone missions and pattern analysis for radiation detection. DSIAC searched open-source documents for relevant information and contacted subject matter experts…

Hyperspectral Imagers for Drones


Army General to Lead New Pentagon Unit to Counter Drone Strikes on the Battlefield

WASHINGTON — U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Sean Gainey will lead a new 60-person team for the Defense Department to develop new methods to counter drone strikes, which are increasing on the battlefields of the Middle East and Afghanistan, Pentagon officials announced earlier this week. “The idea is to take all of the effort in terms

DARPA Is Testing Drones It Can Launch From a Plane—Then Collect Mid-Air

The news : The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has conducted the first test of a new type of drone that can be launched from a plane in a swarm and recovered in mid-air when it has done its job. How it works: A military transport or bomber plane releases a series of drones

Swarm Hell: Can the U.S. Army Stop Hundreds of Drones Armed With Explosives?

(Washington, DC) They can form swarms of hundreds of mini, precision-guided explosives, overwhelm radar, or simply blanket an area with targeting sensors. They can paint or light up air, ground or sea targets for enemy fighters, missiles, or armored vehicles, massively increasing warzone vulnerability. They can instantly emerge from behind mountains to fire missiles at