Fast Strike Provides an Affordable Non-Lethal Self-Defense Option

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December 17, 2018 | Originally published by Date Line: December 17 on

POLSON — Polson father Dave Duford worried about his young daughter’s safety during her trip to Las Vegas and wondered how she would protect herself. A gun was not an option, and he thought of downsides of a variety of non-lethal weapons available. He wanted her to be safe in a possible attack and something that would inflict pain and shock to an offender and allow ample escape time, but not be fatal.

Duford, a former engineer at Jore Corp., used his life-skilled trade and invented a self-defense tool—the only of its kind anywhere—for his daughter. 

Duford’s invention called, “Fast Strike” was developed in 2016 and by 2017 it was ready for market. 

While not perfect, it’s still pretty good and effective if needed, Dufford said “You got to be willing to protect yourself—and fight if you need to.”

The mini-whip “Fast Strike” is a three-ounce steel-reinforced striking cable that allows a person to deliver multiple fast blows that are extremely painful—even with a minimal amount of force—to deter an attacker. 

Duford said he wanted to design a tool that would be reactive, quick, and generate a lot of pain, but not kill anybody. He said it took months of his own testing to get it right—he had the welts to prove it. He went through melons, dummies, other surfaces and even his own back to prove it worked. The light cable—when used properly—can even break fingers.