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Expert Gives Inside Look at Effectiveness of Tasers

(WFSB) — So far this year, there have been three police-involved shootings in the state. Video from two of them have been released, and it is shown that tasers were used in both of those…

Superhero-Like Technology Lets Law Officers Wrap up Suspect

A second local police department is considering buying new technology designed for officers to use when a suspect needs to be stopped but is not armed. It acts like a device typically used by fictional superheroes. Representatives of Wrap Technologies demonstrated the BolaWrap on Friday to more than a half-dozen central Ohio law-enforcement agencies at

Maine Entrepreneur Developing “Less-Lethal” Projectiles, Launcher System

FRYEBURG, ME — A Fryeburg entrepreneur has received four Maine Technology Institute grants totaling almost $22,000 to develop a “less lethal” weapon: an air-powered grenade launcher that can shoot specialized projectiles at a safe velocity whether the target is 10 feet away or 300. Kurt Boeker is hoping it someday becomes a police department staple