Munitions Readiness in the Strategic Support Area Continues to Provide Lethality That Wins

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March 12, 2020 | Originally published by U.S. ARMY on February 20, 2020

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, IL — The Joint Munitions Command’s (JMC’s) approach to providing munitions readiness from the Strategic Support Area was the focus during the quarterly update with Gen. Gus Perna, Commander, U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC). JoEtta Fisher, Executive Director for Ammunition and Deputy to the Commander, led the brief and highlighted strategic initiatives that JMC is using to operationalize Army and AMC priorities.

“We must continue to challenge ourselves to constantly improve to ensure we are able to provide lethality that wins, today and in the future,” said Fisher. “Today, we will update you on our accomplishments, challenges, and objectives moving forward through the lens of readiness, modernization, and reform — with the understanding that it is our people that provide the foundation for our success in these areas.”