Navy Task Force Focuses on Sensor and Weapon Interoperability

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September 16, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: September 16 on

One of the efforts the Navy is undertaking under the guise of the third offset strategy — commonly described as undercutting adversarial advances through human-machine teaming — is a recently established initiative to examine interoperability between the service’s sensors, platforms and weapons. Task Force Netted Navy, which began in May 2016, is all about maximizing platforms, sensors and targeting information to examine how these systems share info across various platforms and talk to each other in ways they didn’t before, a Navy spokesman told C4ISRNET. During a Sept. 7 panel discussion at the 2016 Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington, B. Lynn Wright, the deputy director of naval intelligence, described this effort within the scope of the third offset strategy, noting that the real issue behind the offset strategy is not related to technology because much of the technology is commercially available; rather the issue is putting these technological advancements together. She added that the force needs to figure out a way to plug and play with what it already has.

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